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the place for girls who love herps!

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This community is for girls who like herps! [if you don't know what that is, then you probably don't belong here]


1. Please no profanity. As we realize that most of you are adults, please keep in mind that not everyone is okay with profanity and we do have members under the age of 18. If you post an entry containing profanity without realizing it (because swearing comes naturally to some of us), please edit your entry as soon as you realize your error. If the mods are forced to do it for you, your entry will be deleted. Same goes for comments, if you slip up, delete the comment and repost it without the profanity.

2. No harassing or attacking of fellow members. Knowing the difference between constructive criticism and outright flaming is essential. When replying to posts, make it constructive and helpful for other readers. Do not insult or put down anyone. Be polite and supportive. We all had to start learning somewhere, and no one knows everything about anything. Keep in mind that people use various different methods of husbandry, and just because you may not agree with it, doesn't make it "wrong".

3. All community, organization, and website promoting must be cleared by a moderator first.

4. Buying, selling, or trading posts are allowed in the community, not in the forums, so keep it here.

5. No spamming the community. Period.

6. No using the community as a medium for personal messages. Please use personal journals, emails, instant messengers, or phone calls for personal conversations.

7. If you have a problem or question, check to see if someone has already made a post about it. Too many similar posts can clutter the community. We don't expect you do go through all the posts made to the community, but check the most recent page, please. If your problem isn't herp related, but rather to do with the community or a member of it, please contact a moderator before going to LJ Abuse. Give us the chance to correct the situation before bringing in the busy people that man LJ-Abuse

8. No stealing other users photos. Please get permission before posting pictures that belong to someone else.

9. If you see someone breaking the rules, please inform a Moderator immediately. Do not try and take things into your own hands. When you report a person misbehaving, the Moderator is not allowed to say where the report came from. You will stay anonymous.

Finally, have fun! Get to know the other girls and their herps, share stories and photos, ask questions, whatever you'd like! Remember, this community is here for you!

"snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs, they rock my socks!"